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Season I
Mark was more than Jennifer's boyfriend, he was also her best friend - but then he fell hard for the new girl, Laurel. He could see disaster coming like a train-wreck, but he couldn't seem to get off the tracks. Craig, Mark's long-time pal became an Anarchist, which partly explains why Mark's other buddy, Scott, decided to become a Druid, except mainly Scott was trying to impress Brenda, his latest crush, with his spirituality (it's complicated). Anika, the 'Queen Bee' instantly hated Laurel - she was competition. Erin, Anika's handmaiden, had her moments with Anika, and both Anika and Erin had a thing for Chris - who's sexy, sharp and not to be trusted!

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Season II
Mark was falling in love with Laurel when he went to bed with Jennifer, which goes a long way toward explaining why his personal life is a bit complicated. But his problems are nothing compared to those facing Chris, on whom both Erin and Anika have declared war. Mark's sister Kat is blazingly bright, and angrier than anyone realizes. Derek wants to go to Thailand and open a nightclub, while Travis wants to know why the local mall's CD store won't stock Central Florida Trailer Park Death Metal, and Shannon is quietly facing the biggest crisis of her life.

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Season III
Major upheaval in this season! Laurel refuses to leave Mark and accompany her parents on a move to the States. On her own, at 17, the decision brings Mark and Laurel closer than ever, but also presents strains and challenges that neither of them could have expected. Meanwhile, Jennifer can't believe she's gravitating toward a relationship with the cocky and abrasive Chris. Anika revels in her new role as the least-likely school president in the history of A.C. McKinley Secondary. Gil rededicates himself to finding some way to impress some girl (any girl) before the school year ends; Kat allows herself to get enmeshed in an on-line relationship with consequences nobody could have imagined; arch-slacker Kevin sets his sights on the Guinness Book of World Records; and Shannon wrestles silently with huge questions about her sexual identity.

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Season IV
Love's trials and consequences animate the world of McKinley High this year but politics, bullying, homophobia, and adventures in baby-sitting also figure prominently. Changes are everywhere as a new school year begins:

Laurel and Mark haven't spoken all summer and now, as she returns from Houston, it seems she's been "discovered" and is headed in a direction that might take her from Edgemont - and Mark - for good. But just how steadfast is Mark's affection anyway? Rumours are still flying about him and Tracey Antonelli and what really happened that night after the dance. Getting Laurel to hear Mark's side of the story might be easier if he wasn't holding another woman's baby, but what else can he do? He's the one who convinced Paige that coming back to McKinley to finish high school was a good idea so if she needs a shoulder to lean on...

Shannon's secret about her sexuality is becoming harder and harder to keep to herself. So far she's braved her parent's rejection, and Jen has offered a place to stay, but is she really ready to go it alone? And what if her secret is made public? She sees how the kids in the hallway smirk as they pass Wayne's locker - the word "homo" is spray painted across it for a joke. Can she really ignore that?

Jen and Chris have had a wonderful summer together and seem to be working out their different ideas about what a future together might look like - until they are forced to deal with events they didn't exactly plan for - are they strong enough for this?

It may be an ongoing battleground for Craig and Anika, but in the midst of their on-again off-again conflict, sparks still fly - romantic and otherwise. And who knew Craig's plans to battle Uber Burger's encroachment onto school property would turn out with him and Shannon running through the restaurant - naked? At least they will if Gil has anything to do with it!

Anika's battles with her former best-friend, Erin, kick into high gear, but Erin didn't hang out with the Queen of Revenge for all those years without learning a thing or two herself. Meanwhile, amidst fantasies of fame and forgiveness, Gil turns truth into fiction in his play for English class; but will he and Erin survive Anika's rewrites?

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